FluidVis is the first of its kind stereoscopic data visualization tool.

FluidVis is a visualization system for analyzing 3D imagery (a.k.a., image stacks or z-stacks) collected by laser scanning confocal microscopy, MRI, CT, or other methods. FluidVis is especially effective for examining samples with considerable 3D complexity.  The 3D image is visualized on a large, stereo-capable display. The user can interactively rotate and move the visualization of the volume using a using a standard keyboard and mouse.  Transfer function changes as well as color intensity, clipping planes, marking, and other tools are also accomplished with keyboard and mouse. With the 3D tracking hardware option, head-tracked stereo viewing allows the user additional viewing control and direct manipulation of the dataset and other widgets. User studies have indicated that the semi-immersive virtual environment provides the analyst with unique visualization capabilities beyond that of conventional desktop visualization tools.


Quail dataset from Quail Developmental Atlas, California Institute of Technology.



  • View Z-Stacks as interactive 3D models
  • Understand 3D spatial relationships quicker
  • Rapidly explore multiple views of your data

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