An On-Line Professional Development Program for FluidMath

This Fast-Track project develops a commercial-grade innovative on-line professional
development (OPD) program for instructing teachers how to use FluidMath software installed on
a pen-enabled computer as an intervention in the teaching of basic algebra. The software
employed in the OPD program itself will be built on a FluidMath software platform. FluidMath
software includes a first-of-its-kind recognition engine which enables a pen-enabled computer to
interpret mathematical expressions written on its screen with an electronic stylus. Employing an
OPD program which includes FluidMath software on a pen-enabled computer, a participating
teacher will be able to interact with the OPD program using their own handwritten input aided by
computer generated solutions, graphs and animations resulting in a real “hands-on” feel for the
participant. Observations and measurements will be made to verify the efficacy of the OPD
program and its impact on students taught by teachers who have participated in the OPD
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