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Subscription vs. Perpetual: FluidMath can be purchased with either a subscription license or a perpetual license. The subscription license expires one year from the date of purchase. The perpetual license does not expire. A subscription license will be permitted to access both updates and upgrades. A perpetual license will permit access to updates but not upgrades. Updates generally include bug fixes. Upgrades are major version changes.

Site and/or Volume Licenses: FluidMath can be purchased for a single computer or for mulitple computers. When purchased for multiple computers a volume discount may be applied.

Education Pricing vs. Standard Pricing: Education Pricing is available for FluidMath purchases. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to learn more about Education Pricing for FluidMath.

Interactive Whiteboard License vs. Tablet PC License: Choose the Interactive Whiteboard license if you will connect to an Interactive Whiteboard (IWB).  The IWB license includes additional features to improve the IWB experience. Otherwise, choose Tablet PC license.

Prices are listed in U.S. dollars and do not include local taxes or local customs charges.

FluidMath Education Pricing

For Teachers

For Students

FluidMath Standard Pricing


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