"FluidMath is THE most powerful and easy-to-use software available for teaching mathematics. It enables math teachers and students to easily create graphs and tables all using their own hand-writing on a Tablet PC. FluidMath graphs and makes tables for implicitly defined functions (like x=y2), relations (like conic sections), discrete functions (like the Fibonacci Sequence), parametric functions, and polar functions.  FluidMath incorporates a full computer algebra system (CAS). When creating a test, simply write the expression in your own handwriting and paste it into a Word document. You have to see it to believe it!"
Nils Ahbel, Mathematics Teacher, Deerfield Academy, Deerfield, Massachusetts.
"For those who still like pencil and paper, but also want to use technology in the classroom, try FluidMath.  My students love to see a handwritten equation change to a graph with a table of values using only a swipe of the pen. Sliders and animations make the math come alive. FluidMath interprets implicit, explicit and parametric equations with ease. I highly recommend that you pick up your pen and give FluidMath a try."
Susan Keeble, Mathematics Instructor, Phillips Exeter Academy, Exeter, NH.
"How FluidMath has enhanced my teaching: FluidMath is a powerful tool that can help your students visualize important topics and make connections between topics in math.  In my classes, I love to use FluidMath to show students multiple representations simultaneously.  We can look at an algebraic representation of a function, numerical values for the function and a graph all at the same time.  FluidMath makes it easy to find a “good” window for the graph of a function by allowing you to pan and expand the window dynamically.  FluidMath also allows you and your students to experiment with varying parameters in an equation and seeing the effects of those dynamic changes immediately."
Maria Hernandez, recipient of 2010 Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, Durham, NC.

"FluidMath is a fantastic piece of software for Mathematics, both for teachers and students. It allows students to explore and generalise, encouraging them to discover real math and relationships. It allows the teacher to demonstrate visually important concepts and processes.
FluidMath introduces the "wow"factor into Mathematics. Students love the interaction and can quickly change inputs and see the results instantly. Being able to use the pen to write Mathematics gives students more ownership of their Mathematics.
This sofware is essential for the tablet
Tony Robb, Mathematics Teacher, Scotch College, Perth, Western Australia

"Fluid Math had made the discovery process for mathematics come alive in my class.  Exploring graphs and their equations has allowed my Algebra I students to go well beyond their grade level and discover  the mathematical relationships that include linear, quadratic, exponential, rational, and trigonometric equations and their graphs."
Susie Lewis, 8th Grade Mathematics Teacher, Cincinnati Country Day School, Cincinnati, OH.

"FluidMath is the only math software I've seen that is completely designed for tablet PC's.  It requires no annoying keystrokes that get in the way of straightforward tablet use.  FluidMath makes even the most basic algebra more dynamic, and has applications all the way through calculus.  My co-workers have seen me using FluidMath on many occasions, and all are excited to try it!  The interface is very intuitive, and the help system describes the most common tasks with video demonstrations.  Support has been great too, with a rapid development cycle that relies on teacher feedback.  FluidMath has clearly been put together with students in mind, offering an exciting means for speeding up and animating otherwise rote tasks.  Teachers haven't been left out, with potential PD opportunities and training available online.  It is for all of these reasons and more that I consider FluidMath an integral part of my technology centered math classroom."
Chris Canik, Mathematics Teacher, Central High School, Newark, NJ

"The audible "ahhhhh" is one of the greatest gifts a class can give to a teacher.  FluidMath has facilitated the gift-giving practice for my Algebra classes.  For example, my students see how the graph doesn't change as I manipulate the equation using the proper rules of algebra.  When the rules are broken, they see the graph change.  Fluid math allows the students to see an equation being manipulated without moving the graph (hopefully).  They think that is cool and respond with an "ahhhhh"."
Joe Cleary, Mathematics Teacher, Loomis Chaffee, Windsor, CT.
"FluidMath is a powerful and effective tool for teaching mathematics that is also fun to use.  I love being able to switch from writing mode to math mode with one click and the graphing gesture allows me to insert graphs into my notes quickly and easily.  FluidMath provides all the functionality I need -- writing (or typing) notes, graphing functions, solving equations, and performing calculations-without switching between applications."
Wanda Coyle, Mathematics Teacher, University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Winston-Salem, NC.

"FluidMath is so intuitive.  The only limitation that I have found so far is my imagination! -- Must have software for any Math teacher with a tablet or a smartboard!" 
Eric Drake, Senior Instructor, Department of Mathematics, Culver Academies

"I just want to say that I have been tinkering and trying to use FluidMath in my classes, and I have to say that it might be one of the best technology tools that I have worked with in teaching math in quite some time. I am really enjoying working with it.  I was using it in class yesterday with some Algebra I students and was quickly able to show why the elimination method works graphically.  I heard students mumbling "what software is that?"  When I easily inserted the graph and table, they were impressed."
Daniel Dudley, Mathematics Faculty, King's Academy, Jordan.

"I recently became aware of this software package while attending the NCTM conference last week. To say that I was impressed is an understatement. This is just about everything I have been looking for in an effort to make the classroom presentations more dynamic."
Matthew Miller, Mathematics Instructor, St. Joseph's Prep High School, Philadelphia, PA

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